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Our Path to the “Right Match” – the Process

Thanks to our size and streamlined structure, Career Choice, Inc. has the flexibility to customize your search process. However, we feel strongly that the following steps are critical parts of the successful search:

  • Initial meeting with our client – We meet with pertinent members of your team. We listen then ask questions to gain an in-depth understanding of the assignment, as well as your corporate culture, management style and the personal qualifications you seek. This way we can be accurate in our presentation of your opportunity to the Candidates.
  • Planning and creating the foundation for a successful search – We support the creation of a targeted position description including an in-depth Candidate profile detailing experience, education and a host of other attributes. Using strategic market analysis, we generate a target list of organizations for Candidate identification, compile market and industry data and access our networking and research tools where appropriate. These functions are conducted simultaneously to expedite the search process.
  • Candidate sourcing and development – We source, then interview Candidates quickly, providing continuous updates to our Clients. We then submit finalists along with summaries of their work histories, early reference checking, accomplishments, career aspirations, compensation and relocation if applicable.
  • Reference checks, background investigations – Once a finalist is selected, we complete final reference checks, testing and a background investigation at your discretion. Like other steps in the process, most of these are done personally to ensure accuracy and verification and to gain more in-depth insight into a specific Candidate’s achievements, strengths, weaknesses and work style.
  • Offer negotiation and resignation coaching – We use the insight we have gained throughout our search process to help Clients and Candidates come to mutually beneficial employment agreements.
    • Helping you design and present a successful offer
    • Coaching your selected Candidate on handling surprises, counter-offers and other issues that can arise during their resignation
  • Result – a New Hire
  • Follow-up – Periodic follow-ups help us ensure that the placement was successful. If there is dissatisfaction with a new hire, our guarantee covers the re-engagement of the search process until our client has selected another Candidate.