We will serve our Clients and Candidates with integrity, competence, and objectivity at all times.

  • We believe the foundation of a successful search is open and honest communication.
  • We will always inform you of potential limitations, due to other Client relationships, which might impact the outcome of your search upfront.
  • Potential conflicts of interest due to business relationships between Career Choice and Candidates are disclosed with you before Candidate presentations.
  • We will not solicit your employees.
  • We will never misrepresent your position to potential Candidates.
  • We will not accept payment for counseling or other assistance to individuals seeking employment.
  • Representations made to you our Candidate about the duties, probable length of employment, hours, benefits and salary of prospective positions shall be in alignment with the best knowledge of the recruiter.
  • Information about you will be used only for the purpose of finding employment.
  • Confidential information shall be treated accordingly … We will never forward your resume to a company without your prior knowledge.
  • We will keep communication lines open once you are presented for a position.
  • We attempt to answer all questions in an honest and truthful manner.
  • We will not deliberately misrepresent a company.
  • We will never charge you a fee or service charge. The hiring company pays our fees for all placements by Career Choice, Inc.
  • We are a national search firm subscribing to the Equal Opportunity Practices of the Federal and State Governments. We will refer all qualified Candidates without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, physical handicap or medical condition.
  • At Career Choice, Inc. we expect honesty from our Candidates and our Client Companies.

At Career Choice, Inc. we expect honesty from our Candidates and our Client Companies.